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Luna C/I Films

The first film is now here!


1) “The Base Race: An Introduction to Moon Colonization, 2004-2030”

An introduction to modern moon colonization, with all the basics you need to know about who, why, and when in order to get up to speed on the base race.

February 16th, 2009


Many more films are coming soon, on a wide range of selected colonial topics— everything from lunar architecture and private lunar enterprise to more abstract topics like historical perspectives on colonial eras and whether Luna is an environment to be actively conserved. I hope to produce them at least once every few weeks at first, with possibly a more regular interval (film of the month, or even of the week; etc.) in the near future.

Feel free to leave comments, suggestions, ideas, links to your own lunar films, etc. in the comments on this page.




Last updated February 16th, 2009


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