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SHIFTboston Contest: Design a Moon Capital! June 21, 2010

Posted by Nick Azer in lunar land use planning, SHIFTboston Moon Capital Competition.

Boston-based urban design firm SHIFTboston is holding a competition: design a lunar capital!

Calling on urban designers, architects, artists, engineers, and anyone else that’s interested, SHIFTboston is challenging teams to combine vision and planning to come up with what a future lunar base/capital might look like, and how it might function.

“This competition is intended to collect and inspire… The goal is to attract greater public interest in future possibilities for human expansion into the solar system, and in elements of self-sustaining cities of the future – efficient cities – that no longer rely on fossil fuel.”- SHIFTboston competition page

The winning effort will recieve a $1,000 cash prize, present at a swanky panoramic gala in Boston, have their entry as part of a new virtual moon tourism world/game (!), and have their entry displayed as part of a MOON CAPITAL exhibit at none other than the Johnson Space Center. Wow.

This contest is awesome to see for me, personally—I have my Bachelor’s in Urban Planning (from Cal State University-Northridge), and the way I fell into moon colonization at all was through similar thinking, circa 2007: “We’re going to build on the Moon…what’s that going to look like? What are the challenges?”

Urban design’s what got me into planning, so this kind of visionary/practical melding is totally my cup of tea. (I finally have some proof  to backup that urban planning and moon colonization are related! ;) )

I’ve got a Bachelor’s in it, and the contest is open until early September, so if anyone’s forming a team…drop me a line! :) I’d love to participate.

Regardless, I’ll be watching this closely as the entries come along and their jury panel (which will include an Apollo astronaut) selects the winner.

For the full details on the competition categories and its requirements, check out this page.