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New Google Lunar X PRIZE Team: Barcelona Moon! April 21, 2010

Posted by Nick Azer in Barcelona Moon, Google Lunar X Prize, Spain.

A new Google Lunar X PRIZE team was officially announced todayBarcelona Moon!

The first Spanish team and 21st team overall to enter the race, the Barcelona Moon team is an arm of the Galactic Suite space hotel project (check out that snazzy site!):

“Five years ago, after the initial steps of the Galactic Suite Spaceresort project, the first space hotel, we had to go abroad both to look for the necessary investment and the technology to build it: the project was too complex for the Spanish aerospace industry. Today our team enters the GLXP to accomplish the Google Lunar X-Prize goals, which will help developing telecommunications, automation and miniaturization of electromechanical devices, robust software and the management of complex projects.”- Xavier Claramunt, ‘First Post From Barcelona Moon Team

Their GLXP team page notes that while they’re in tor the prize, “the real goal, for us, is to develop steps and synergies for longer term plans for an appropriate exploitation of space.”

Clearly, with experience already under their belts from the ongoing Galactic Suite project, Barcelona Moon comes into the GLXP with quite a bit of firepower. It should be interesting to see what they can accomplish :)

They’re already up on Facebook and Twitter, and you can follow their GLXP page (and my weekly GLXP Roundups) as news and updates come along from them :)



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[…] was announced! Barcelona Moon has entered the competition; check out their official team page (and my own profile on them :) ) […]

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