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Today is Luna C/I’s Second Anniversary :) April 2, 2010

Posted by Nick Azer in Luna C/I.

Today marks the second birthday for Luna C/I! :) Really snuck up on me this time.

From its humble fumbling-in-the-dark beginnings on Blogspot, Luna C/I’s come a long way. Now settled into a comfortable lunar trajectory, Luna C/I’s ready to take this momentum and carry in into big things. Good as things are now, I plan to inject serious propulsion towards what this site can achieve. Going to be an exciting third year :)

But, for now, some Luna C/I highlights of the past year:

  • Started a highly successful new series, the Google Lunar X PRIZE roundups, covering each week’s tidbits from across the GLXP spectrum.
  • Posted what I believe to be my best post: Moon Colonization: An American Historical Perspective, for the 20th anniversary of the Apollo 11 landing
  • Started a new series on selenography, Orbiting Atlas
  • Began volunteering here in Portland at OMSI (the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry), for their awesome Space: A Journey to Our Future exhibit :) Starting to poke my way into real-world space goodness… (my background’s a dusty bachelor’s in Urban Planning; no fancy space universities or mission experience yet :) )

Ton of exciting news this year, from the mammoth discoveries of lunar water to Obama’s overhaul of NASA and private space.

Though, again, as great as this past year has been, I think it’ll pale in comparison to what I might be cooking up in year three…so, stay tuned;we’ve barely entered lunar trajectory yet :)



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