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Sister Blog to Luna C/I Launched: Astronauts on ‘Roids! January 20, 2010

Posted by Nick Azer in Astronauts on Roids, NASA, Obama.

I’ve now launched an additional space blog: Astronauts on ‘Roids!

With NASA and President Obama reportedly looking very seriously at making a manned asteroid mission NASA’s new mandate, I’ve launched a new blog at http://www.asteroidmission.com to cover all the developments :) It’ll run concurrently with Luna C/I, as even if NASA doesn’t itself build a moon base after all, there’s all kinds of other nations and private efforts going full steam ahead.

To see how this potential manned asteroid mission came about, keep an eye on ‘Roids as I’ll be detailing the story as Obama’s State of the Union address (January 27th) and 2010 budget (early February) approach, with NASA’s future direction to be set by one of the two :) And stay tuned here as the Google Lunar X PRIZE and other private and international efforts heat up to full swing…



1. nova9 - January 22, 2010

Where’s the mass shielding for those Orion space craft? Or is that an asteroid just a few days away from hitting the Earth:-)

Marcel F. Williams

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