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Orbiting Atlas #5: Baco January 11, 2010

Posted by Nick Azer in Baco, bacon, Orbiting Atlas.

Orbiting Atlas is a weekly series here  at Luna C/I looking at notable points inselenography—the geography of the Moon. Come by every Monday for an exploration of a different locale, and its potential regional significance :)

Today, the Orbiting Atlas takes a whimsical turn to…


Located in the lunar highlands, about 380 miles southeast of the famous Tycho crater, the usually plain crater has taken on a new flavor of interest this past week…

The story begins with the new German Google Lunar X PRIZE team, Part Time Scientists, noting during a presentation that everything is better with bacon…including moon colonization. This slice of genius inspired a lot of folks on Twitter, cooking up the idea of a ‘Bacon X PRIZE’. The official Lunar X PRIZE blog, The Launch Pad, promptly posted a poll to name this tasty concept.

Despite the given name being “Baco”, it is named after British philosopher Roger Bacon. My research hasn’t turned up why, exactly, it wasn’t just simply named “Bacon” (if you know, feel free to comment below).

Now, for the conspiracy theorists and Jayson Stark loyalists out there: A search for ‘Part Time Scientists bacon’ brought up almost entirely results on, of course, Roger Bacon himself. Add to the pan that the man who named the crater, astronomer Johann Heinrich von Mädler, is himself—just like the Part Time Scientists team—German, and you begin to wonder…

Is German bacon destined for the Moon? And if so, will fate bring it to the very crater which (kind of) bears its name? :)

If I have any influence over it, I’ll make sure that someday, even if it’s 40 years down the road, bacon ends up in this crater, one way or another…because a little comedy in space goes a long way, right? :)



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