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“Moon Bombing” Plume Spotted; LCROSS Team “Blown Away” by Data October 17, 2009

Posted by Nick Azer in Cabeus, LCROSS, NASA, Polar ice, water.

NASA has announced that an alternate camera from the LCROSS caught an image of the plume from NASA’s recent “moon bombing”—and that good data was returned from the mission:

“We are blown away by the data returned…the team is working hard on the analysis and the data appear to be of very high quality.”- Anthony Colaprete, LCROSS principal investigator and project scientist, “NASA’S LCROSS Captures All Phases of Centaur Impact”

In fact, all three phases of the impact–the impact flash, the plume, and the creation of the Centaur’s crater—wer captured, though the expcted 12-mile-high plume ended up only being one mile high. Still, besides a lack of on-the-moment drama, it appears everything with the mission was a ‘smashing success’, and it should be exciting to see the data that unfolds in the next few weeks…

For more impact images, check out the press release and NASA’s gallery! :)



1. True_Belle - October 18, 2009

In defence of our moon-

There is no gain in destroying OUR moon. We have destroyed enough of earth.

Whose moon is it any way? Is it now part of the USA? like a Pacific out post? No it isn’t , so leave well alone. It is an attack/ grevious bodily harm to the moon, an assualt , comparable to nuclear bombing our rain forests, polluting our planet with oil spills / toxic waste.

How dare anyone wilfully destroy anything on the moon for scientific gain. Where will these experiments end ?

No one has a claim or right to blow up / destroy etc this wonderful moon. How dare they.

2. Mike Licht - October 25, 2009

Why is NASA really seeking water on the Moon?



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