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Team Selenokhod Joins Google Lunar X PRIZE! September 27, 2009

Posted by Nick Azer in Google Lunar X Prize, Kosmotras, private sector, property rights, Russia, Selenokhod, Thomas Gangale.

This past week, a new Google Lunar X PRIZE team was announced—Team Selenokhod, the first Russian team to compete!

Their website has an interesting level of detail from the get-go. They sound seriously committed to post-GLXP commercial enterprises, and they mention their launch company— ISC Kosmotras, using Dnepr rockets.

It’s exciting to have such an advanced team joining the fray (and another nationality). I’ve been reading a book by Thomas Gangale on int’l space law and property rights, and so far I’ve gathered that while nations can’t claim sovereignty, if a private enterprise from their state does, then the parent state is considered somewhat responsible for the private entity and its actions/claims. So, having a serious Russian lunar effort confirmed could mean a lot for Russia’s lunar affairs as a state (and that goes for each team, and its parent nation[s]).

Keep an eye here for updates as Team Selenokhod develops and more teams enter the 20-strong field for the prize…



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