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Moon Now Available in Google Earth! July 26, 2009

Posted by Nick Azer in Google Lunar X Prize, Google Moon, selenography.

A Screenshot From Google Moon :)

As of the Apollo anniversary, the Moon is now available in Google Earth 5.0! Great news for any apsiring selenographer :)

Google has put some great above-and-beyond features into their lunar globe—not only markers and photos from historical sites, but you can find and view Japan’s Kaguya orbiter HD videos of lunar landmarks from within the program! Really neat to have that integrated into the program, and have the reference of the globe right there as the video plays.

You can click placenames, too, and get a little info about where, say, Mare Moscoviense’s name came from (“Sea of Muscovy”).

Google has a significant stake in moon colonization— they are the sponsors of the $30 million Google Lunar X PRIZE, which has been a huge driving factor in spurring a plethora of commercial efforts to the Moon. With the X PRIZE likely to be won around 2011, we could see a lot more lunar goodies from Google (both in and out of Google Earth) over the next few years…

To view the lunar globe in Google Earth 5.0, go to the “View” menu, and under the “Explore” submenu is a Moon suboption. There’s also Mars (!) and the night sky (constellations). So, put on some Sinatra and fly yourself to the Moon…

Apollo 17



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