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JAXA’s Kaguya/SELENE Mission Completed with Controlled Impact on Lunar Surface June 10, 2009

Posted by Nick Azer in Japan, Kaguya, Peak of Eternal Light, SELENE-2.

This morning, Japan’s Kaguya (also known as SELENE) lunar orbiter (launched in September 2007) made a controlled impact with the lunar surface, ending what has been a highly successful mission.

That is a map released today of the orbiter’s impact location (near the Moon’s south pole).

A look at the some of the most significant accomplishments of the mission:

JAXA’s next mission, SELENE-2, is set to deliver a lunar rover to the surface and perform research on lunar geology and lunar base issues (surface construction, dust,  radiation, etc.).

JAXA put out a call for images of the orbiter’s impact, and other agencies such as the European Space Agency are churning out further information on the craft’s finale, so keep an eye here for more  images, video, and details as they come along over the next few days :)

Here’s an HDTV video uploaded yesterday, that’s low-altitude near the crater Zeeman, and one of the best I’ve seen so far:



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