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MoonPop: Trailer and Poster Now Up for This Summer’s “Moon”! (Sam Rockwell as a Helium-3 Miner) April 16, 2009

Posted by Nick Azer in MoonPop.

The poster and trailer (embedded below) for the upcoming movie “Moon” were released last week.

The movie stars Sam Rockwell as a helium-3 miner trying to get through the end of a long, lonely haul out on the Moon:

My MoonPop series here covers the Moon and lunar colonization in pop culture—and this film is a doozy.

I personally meet very few people in the general public who have heard anything at all about the ‘base race’ back to the Moon, or about the commercial efforts to go there (the Google Lunar X PRIZE, etc.); so to even have just this trailer talking about ‘clean energy’ (fusion power) from the Moon is going to vastly increase public awareness of the subject. And, it seems, the film itself is going to be a great one—it’ll stick around, and it’ll be known.

For a solid recap on helium-3 mining, fusion power, and why they matter, check out my Youtube video intro on the subject (the first “Luna C/I film” :) ).

“Moon” is set for release in New York and Los Angeles on June 12th, with other cities to follow “soon”. Can’t wait, as both moon blogger and film buff :)


1. craig L - July 21, 2009

Someone link me to where I can buy this poster?

It’s awesome, and the movie was great. Seen it last night.

Nick Azer - July 21, 2009

Looked around a bit, didn’t see it for sale anywhere (yet)–it’s a pretty limited distribution film due to financing, etc., but the poster really is a spectacular one. I love how the “Sam Rockwell” credit has the multiple shadows…Clever :)

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