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LSSW: Lunar Surface Architecture Status–Intro to NASA’s Lunar Concept Review Process March 26, 2009

Posted by Nick Azer in Lunar Surface Systems Workshop, NASA.


That spiffy panorama kicks off the first really big presentation of the Lunar Surface Systems Workshop from Feb 25-27th, 2009–the Lunar Surface Architecture Status overview. (Check out the full series of LSSW coverage here at Luna C/I).

My coverage of this presentation should stretch over a good number of posts, as it is really stuffed with fun new details on everything related to NASA’s eventual outpost.

“Since forming, the LSS Project Office has focused primarily on supporting the ongoing agency work to define a viable Lunar Architecture, the framework for defining how to return humans to the moon.” –Slide 3 (PDF)

The presentation begins with slides introducing the topic, as well as the Lunar Surface Systems project office, e.g. as quoted above.

The first big topic is the Lunar Concept Capability Review (LCCR). This was a major review that occured in July 2008, the first biggie in the process of lunar outpost concept development (after over three years of concept work).

It’s this review that spurred the LSSW workshop I’m covering here–NASA issued a Broad Agency Announcement (BAA) that resulted in 12 study contracts (private, university, etc.) to develop innovative lunar concepts for presentation to NASA. The LSSW is where the results of these studies were presented (and then posted online as PowerPoint PDFS), and with them has come an avalanche of new details and imagery of the lunar outpost, and the functionalities/technology NASA is looking at for it.

The next big review is in mid-2010, with a “significant focus on maturing International Partner relationships and discussion”. Another BAA is also in the works, with a size and timetable to be announced at a later date.

With all the background on the review process out of the way, the presentation moves into the details and scenarios for the outpost; so, stay tuned, and I’ll begin coverage of those goodies with my next LSSW feature post :)


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