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New Details on SYNERGY MOON and Their Lunar-Direct Google Lunar X PRIZE Effort March 25, 2009

Posted by Nick Azer in Google Lunar X Prize, Lunar-direct.

The newest Google Lunar X PRIZE team, SYNERGY MOON, has provided some additional details and clarification (through an interview with Space Fellowship and a subsequent comment on a post here at Luna C/I covering the announcement) on their private lunar effort, and specifically, the neat method they are utilizing in the process.

The team plans a somewhat unusual (and old-school) lunar-direct method, using an adaptation of Interorbital SystemsNeptune rocket (other versions of the rocket pictured above). I’m actually currently reading an excellent book–The Lunar Exploration Scrapbook by Robert Godwin–that goes into great detail (with images galore) of many of the early lunar-direct systems, so it’s really cool to see the concept making a comeback.

Thanks to Randa Milliron, CEO of Interorbital Systems, for that comment and clarification :) I originally had some confusion on whether they meant  literally lunar-direct, in the classic sense.

Below is a rendered video of the final stage of the rocket: the actual lander.

Keep an eye on SYNERGY MOON’s Youtube channel (and those of the other teams) for an increasing stream of cool videos on the X PRIZE’s teams’ progress :)


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