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Robots in the Garden: Odyssey Moon Partnering With Paragon To Put Greenhouses On the Moon March 23, 2009

Posted by Nick Azer in lunar plantlife, Odyssey Moon, Paragon.

Leonard David (a space reporting vet who often has insider tidbits at various locales), over at the Coalition for Space Exploration‘s blog, reports that leading Google Lunar X Prize contender Odyssey Moon and space development corporation Paragon will announce this week that they have teamed up for one giant leap for plantkind: delivering a biological greenhouse to the Moon’s surface.

“Growing the first plant on another world has enormous symbolic importance as well as important scientific research value for creating self-contained lunar outposts and eventual settlements, notes Odyssey Moon founder, Bob Richards.” -“Moon Partnership: Green Thumbs Up“, Leonard David, Spacecoalition.com

Paragon is a company with a long list of projects, many thermal and biological, for NASA; SpaceX‘s groundbreaking Dragon capsule; and others.

This is one of the first Odyssey Moon missions to become public besides their Google Lunar X PRIZE effort, “MoonOne“; “MoonTwo”, a mission delivering an International Lunar Observatory to the moon, was announced last July.

The Artemis Project has a solid essay on the subject of lunar greenhouses. Being able to generate oxygen and food on the Moon will be a big boon; the concept seems like an inevitable one as part of lunar development, and to get started now makes a lot of sense. A greenhouse could be cared for robotically, and getting a headstart will help the technology be ready by the time colonists arrive around 2020-2024.

Robots growing plants on a world with no humans… now there’s an interesting existential concept for ya.



1. Madhu Thangavelu - March 23, 2009

..and what plant to grow on the Moon ?
Might I suggest Sunflower………seven feet tall.
Now, that will make a lot of kids happy, don’t you think ?

Nick Azer - March 23, 2009

Actually, coincidentally, the solar panels for the lunar outpost look so much like sunflowers in many renderings that I’ve starting calling them that :)

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