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Japan’s Kaguya Captures Eclipse From the Moon February 22, 2009

Posted by Nick Azer in Japan.

The image at left is a penumbral lunar eclipse, captured recently by JAXA ‘s ongoing Kaguya lunar orbiter project.

Though, perhaps ‘lunar’ is the wrong word, as this was taken from the Moon of Earth. A terran eclipse?

“Penumbral” refers to the fact that it is not total, e.g. theres a bit of a corona of light there peeking out. The next total lunar eclipse is on December 21st, 2010—despite that being pretty soon, it’s amazing to think that a team concievably could have won (or at least launched for) the Google Lunar X PRIZE by then.

The Kaguya has already made its mark on history with its HDTV video of the moon–check out the new English narrations of some of their more spectacular videos, as well as their wealth of additional Japanese-language videos.


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