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Gen. Scott Gration up for Obama’s Pick as NASA Administrator? January 22, 2009

Posted by Nick Azer in NASA, Obama.

Reports as of late have been indicating that General Scott Gration, a frequent adviser to Obama and retired Air Force Major General, could be Obama’s pick to replace Mike Griffin as NASA Administrator.

African-born and a native speaker of Swahili, Gration’s space resume so far is thin (he worked fo a year under then-Deputy NASA Administrator Hans Mark in the early 1980’s), so the reasoning behind appointing Gration remains vague.  A Space.com article cites sources “close to the Obama transition” in noting that Gration helped craft Obama’s extremely detailed and landmark campaign space policy  (which I did an analysis of here), and FerrisValyn at the Daily Kos offers up some quality analysis on the subject,   particularly in regards to Gration’s relationship to President Obama and how that relates to NASA’s position at the moment.

To see Gen. Gration in action, here’s a speech he did at the Democratic National Convention (starting at 1:37 on the video):



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