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Google Lunar X PRIZE–Two New Teams Announced, Plus Mystery Team Revealed! December 27, 2008

Posted by Nick Azer in Google Lunar X Prize.

Last week (during my fancy little holidays transition over from the old Luna C/I site), two new teams were announced for the Google Lunar X PRIZE, bringing the overall announced total up to 16:

Euroluna: Centered in Denmark, the European Lunar Exploration Association’s team has compared their rover offering to a “mobile phone on wheels“.   Euroluna has started with quite a media bang– tons of Youtube videos already on their channel and a Twitter feed up and going. 

The minimalist “mobile phone on wheels”. Can you hear me now?

SELENE: A German-Chinese team (the founder, Markus Bindhammer, being a German from Bavaria residing in Shanghai), the SELENE team plans to attempt the Prize with a rocket engine-propelled car, LuRoCa 1:

Rocket cars can cover a lot of ground, fast, giving LuRoCa 1 a potential advantage for the “travel 500 meters” requirement of the prize.

In addition, the ‘Mystery Team’ (5th to register for the prize overall) was finally revealed at NASA’s Ames Research Center in Silicon Valley as being Next Giant Leap: based from a variety of substantial companies and organizations, little is known about their lander beyond their rendering:

For another interesting and as-yet not officially announced Google Lunar X PRIZE team, check out White Label Space at their interesting Blogger site :)



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