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SpaceX Sucessfully Tests Falcon-9 Engines (News) November 24, 2008

Posted by Nick Azer in Current News, private sector, SpaceX.

In a significant step for the private space boom, leading company SpaceX successfully test-fired their Falcon 9 craft‘s engines today:

While their current programs have their eye on low-earth orbit, long-term SpaceX is looking at trans-Lunar capabilities for their Falcon vehicle family, as is demonstrated in their Falcon Lunar Capability Guide (expect a detailed analysis of that report here at Luna C/I within the next week :) ).

SpaceX’s crafts are designed to be much more cost effective and reliable than past, government rockets, “up to a factor of ten“.

Check out SpaceX’s website–it is quite spiffy, being both very sharp graphically and stuffed full of great, accessible information; they really set a bar for space boom/base race web development. Also, check out the breathtaking Earth-to-orbit video of their historic Falcon 1 launch earlier this year, and their really, really crisp photos from that event.

Check back here later this week for that in-depth analysis of the SpaceX Falcon Lunar Capability Guide :)



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