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SpaceX Becomes First Private Company to Launch Rocket Into Orbit (News) September 30, 2008

Posted by Nick Azer in Current News, Google Lunar X Prize, Integration, private sector, space tourism, SpaceX, Virgin Galactic, Youtube.

This past Sunday (September 28th), the private company Space Exploration Technologies (widely known as SpaceX, and based out of Hawthorne, CA) became the first private effort to ever launch a liquid-propelled rocket into orbit.

Their Falcon 1 craft successfully made it into orbit on what is actually the fourth attempt by SpaceX (kudos to their perserverance and pioneering spirit). Here’s a video (with raw sound, but incredible visuals) of the launch, including images from the Falcon 1 itself:

Falcon 1 was launched from Omelek Island, a U.S. territory in the Marshall Islands.

With SpaceX’s goal to “reduce the cost and increase the reliability of space access by a factor of ten”, this (combined with other recent efforts) is a huge sign that a private space boom really is coming, and coming fast. This is a historic step, amazingly coming right on the heels of events like the Chinese spacewalk. It’s been an incredible couple of weeks.

Of course, orbit is just the beginning. Once we’ve got a private space boom in full swing (or even before), there’ll be more than just a few private efforts with their eyes fixed on the Moon.


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