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"The Future of Urban Planning": The Moon? September 5, 2008

Posted by Nick Azer in China, Fusion Power, Helium-3, infrastructure, lunar land use planning, NASA, Roscosmos.

I, your beloved blogger, am a recent graduate with my Bachelor’s in Urban Planning, and part of why I started this blog (despite having a rather different background than your typical space enthusiast) is that I maintain that lunar colonization is, in fact, urban planning. My argument being, that the Moon’s surface is now land for all intents and purposes, and therefore any colony/mine, infrastructure, or other utilization of its surface is land use; and land use planning is the core of urban planning. NASA, Roscosmos, the CNSA, etc. are all well into programs to complete substantial built environments on the Moon by 2030, and so this has become a timely subject.

Once in a while, I find that I am (in fact) not the only one who thinks about these things, and here’s a case in point I came across today.

“In the future, these questions will likely be posed for cities that exist on the moon or Mars… You might think that such a city is unrealistic, but NASA has been planning a “city in the sky” for years.”
-“HowStuffWorksarticle on Urban Planning by William Harris

A Wired.com article chronicles NASA’s ‘recurring dream’, with the first substantial and ‘modern’ looks (that included thoughts on industrialization of the moon, a key to current efforts) coming in 1972 and 1975.

Check out that HowStuffWorks article linked above, and keep an eye here for more and more content regarding just what the planning topics are for moon colonization in the next 10 years (the early phase) and beyond. :)



1. MrMarkieM - December 10, 2008

Love the blog! It’s bookmarked. I came across the blog while searching for lunar colony images, such as pics of the Stanford Torus. It’s mindblowing (especially the cutaway view). More interesting is that as we’ve screwed up our little American piece of the Earth already, these space outposts are looking better and better. Forget Dubai! Planners to to the (really) finally frontier!

And you can’t say that the homework is not already done for us:


2. Nick Azer - December 14, 2008

Ha, yeah, I see the Moon as an opportunity for mankind to take a step forward–sustainability, governance, etc. Let’s learn our lessons from Earth and get off on the right foot on our next planet ;)

Thanks for the bookmark :) Ridiculous couple of weeks there, posts are going to pick up again now :) Stay tuned, I’m even going to hit Youtube soon…

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