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MoonPop: “Fly Me to the Moon” August 11, 2008

Posted by Nick Azer in MoonPop, South Korea.

This song has been stalking me as of late (today it was the song on the music player of my favorite–and totally not moon-related–coffeehouse’s website…my first time at the website, and it’s that song of all the possible choices for me, moon blogger/frequent patron…weird), and so without further adieu, here’s a little spotlight onto the lunar entry into pop culture made famous by Frank Sinatra: “Fly Me to the Moon”.

The song, written as a pop standard by Bart Howard in 1954, was actually orginally titled “In Other Words”, but that oh-so-catchy first line eventually became the title. It was first recorded by Kaye Ballard, and after numerous others had recorded versions, Sinatra recorded his own iconic whirl on it in 1964.

Since then, it has been covered by countless more artists, inspired punny movie titles, and (of course) actually been sung in space.

I’ve got a whole playlist of moon tunes that I swing to while blogging away here, that I’ll share as soon as I figure out a practical way for it to be more interactive (e.g. listenable) right here at the blog…:) But, for now, enjoy that video above and the litany of links I’ve provided for ya as per usual :)


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