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CNN Article/Video Interviews with Odyssey Moon Ltd.’s Bob Richards August 5, 2008

Posted by Nick Azer in Google Lunar X Prize, Integration, Odyssey Moon, private sector.

As part of their ongoing “Just Imagine” feature, CNN put up a written interview and a couple of video features on Bob Richards, CEO of Odyssey Moon Ltd., and both his company and the Google Lunar X Prize it’s competing for in general. (Mr. Richards actually posted a comment on this very blog last month, which [to be honest] thoroughly surprised me at the time, haha.)

All three pieces give an interesting (and more intimate than is typical) view into the commercial venture aspect of colonization, which falls under what one could call the integration of the moon into our societies. The private sector reaching the moon may well become more significant that the actual governmental colonization efforts, as far as the Moon’s presence and influence in our daily lives; and it’s happening a lot sooner.

“In 2020 the moon is going to be part of our human society, of our economic sphere. Human beings will be there. I think the private sector will outpace governments for a while, but the governments will be working in concert and we will be establishing a moon base, prospecting for resources, we’ll be trying to understand how we can utilize the moon for the benefit of life on Earth.”
-Bob Richards, from a CNN interview

Check out all three pieces as linked above, especially the three-and-a-half minute “The Reality of Space” feature. It’s some of the highest-quality material I’ve come across, and is a great preview of what I’m sure will be a flood of constant coverage over the next twenty years and beyond, as well as an interesting (albieit brief) portrait of an important figure in the integration process.


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