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Picture of the Week: A Titanic Discovery (News) July 31, 2008

Posted by Nick Azer in Current News, Europa, NASA, Picture of the Week, Titan.

That is a picture of a place the Moon could one day be seen as an important stepping stone to: Titan, the largest of the many moons of Saturn. Long suspected to have water, today it was announced that Titan is officially the second celestial body ever found to have stable liquid on its surface (the first being the one you’re sitting on, of course).

The lake, also officially the first non-Earthen lake ever found, is called Ontario Lacus and is comprised of liquid ethane. It shares a similar shape and size to Lake Ontario here on Earth; hence the name.

Someday, the many Titan colonists will harken back to the old days when the lunar pioneers set the stage for them. Moon colonization may seem like a blip at a point when we’ve began settling bodies with the potential of Titan and Europa.



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