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Ice, Ice, Baby (News) June 21, 2008

Posted by Nick Azer in Current News, Phoenix lander, Polar ice.

Right up there as a big ol’ classic red headline on Drudge Report today was the news that NASA has confirmed that the Phoenix lander on Mars has turned up ice.

That may become one of the more legendary space photos ever taken. It turns out that there’s apprently a whole sheet of ice right there under that dirt; e.g., as that linked article quotes Peter Smith:

“If you got a giant broom and swept if off, it’s a big ice sheet.”
Peter Smith, Phoenix Principal Investigator, of the
University of Arizona, Tucson

The existence of Lunar Ice is still doubtful, but the confirmation of ice on Mars shines a little more possibility into its existence. Even without ice on the moon, at the very least we now know we can ship water back to there from Mars, unorthodox as that may seem



1. Voodoo Who Do - June 22, 2008

And there we have it. The new water in a bottle scheme. Martian Ice Water.

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