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MoonPop Bonus: "Iron Man" (News) May 4, 2008

Posted by Nick Azer in Current News, MoonPop.

Just got back from seeing “Iron Man” on one of the most beautiful days I have ever seen (hey, after winter lasted until like ~April 20th here, nature owes us Oregonians one), and in a film making a cool $100 million+ after three days (good for second-best for a nonsequel ever), there’s a little MoonPop in there for us Lunatics’ enjoyment.

The film (possibly the most intelligent/genuinely thoughtful blockbuster I’ve ever seen, and the first real successful pop look at the meanings of the post-9/11 era; and I always say, a pop look is the most important kind, as that’s what most people actually see) includes Mr. Tony Stark in the film’s eponymous suit several times making high, test launches to see what altitude his flying suit can manage.

All the attempts are at night, and the one object he focuses on as he soars to the limits of technology’s capabilities? The Moon, of course. Beautifully so, too. ‘Shooting for the moon’, you could say.

An allegory for mankind’s current push to, once again, stretch our technologies to the limit in pursuit of the Moon (and finding inspiration in the process)? I would say so, especially considering the other deep material in the film regarding current events. For entertainment, this film makes a surprising number of serious choices in its means of (very effective) engagement.

For a film that has an astounding 94% on Rotten Tomatoes and yet also is making $100 million in one weekend (that’s a lot of spectators!), a little thought on the meaning of the Moon both says a lot (about the profile of this type of thinking), and will go a long way.



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