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The Roster Grows: Europe and India April 18, 2008

Posted by Nick Azer in Base Race, European Space Agency, Fusion Power, Helium-3, Indian Space Research Organization.

In the midst of a little research, I discovered two more countries/efforts to add to the Base Race roster:

Europe (European Space Agency)
India (Indian Space Research Organization; check out that stylin’ website!)

While both have projects underway for manned/unmanned missions, it is noted that I don’t see a specific reference to lunar base plans. With all the other governments/governmental organizations making similar preliminary efforts (lunar orbiters, men on the moon around 2015-2016, etc.) also having an eventual base as part of their plans, though, it seems like bases for both the above organizations could be inevitable. Might as well build one while you’re there, right? You’ve already made the effort to get there in the first place, so you can go ahead and mine yourself some nice souvenirs (for the folks back home) that can also happen to potentially power your country for an entire year.

So now we’re up to the U.S. , China, Russia, India, Japan, Sweden, and Europe all joining in on the great big Lunar picnic that is the Base Race…and the party’s just getting started.



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