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"Integration" April 14, 2008

Posted by Nick Azer in Integration, Odyssey Moon.

If you’ll go ahead and turn your eyes to the top of the blog, and note the lovely little header, you’ll see the blog title states this is about “Colonization and Integration of the Moon”.

Everyone’s familiar with the idea of colonization, but is this “Integration” business?

Integration is simply the term that seemed to best describe efforts that aren’t exactly colonization, but that do increase the integration of the moon with our society here on Earth; e.g., having our human remains from Earth put to rest on the moon. While no one’s colonizing the moon there, it is becoming a part of our lives perhaps in an even greater way than colonization itself would cause.

The other day, I was rather startled to see I’m not the first to use the phrase “integration” (or, “integrated” to be exact) in this context. From Odyssey Moon, Ltd:

“Moon 2.0 will begin with robotic explorers that will deliver new knowledge about the Moon and the Earth. They will be followed by people with the goal of permanently integrating the Moon into Earth’s economic and social spheres, creating a two-world system for human growth and prosperity.”

“Moon 2.0” being the alternate name used to describe the Google Lunar X Prize. The way they put it wraps the concept up in a pretty nice little nutshell: creating that two-world system, though in my eye, that will technically happen before we actually ever colonize the Moon itself (while they state humans on the moon will have integration as a goal, e.g. in their future).

Integration will extend far beyond the ashes effort, and could range to include things like resources from the moon being used on Earth, being able to own your own piece of the moon, Lunar webcams for our amusement, and God knows what else that could happen along (and soon). Interesting things always happen when entrepeneurs storm new territory…



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