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Selenology April 5, 2008

Posted by Nick Azer in Google Moon, Selenology.

Before starting this blog, I wondered about and spent time brooding on what, exactly, ‘geography’ would be called for the Moon. ‘Lunagraphy’? I also thought to myself, “Hey, a ‘Google Moon’ would be really neat, something just like Google Earth!”

Well, after discovering this, I quickly discovered this.

Slap me silly, and call me Selene Dion: somebody else had already thought about both. As it turns out, the geography of the moon is encompassed within the geology of the moon, also called Selenology. Selenology sounds cooler than ‘geology of the moon’, though, so I personally figure that’s the name that’s going to stick.

Some of the major seleneographic features of the moon are the mountains/mountain ranges, called Mons and Montes, respectively; the lava flow plains, maria; and craters. Lots of craters.

We’ll tour many of the notable features of the moon in detail here as time goes along, as selenography is (understandably) an important indicator of where moon development will end up happening. Perhaps, even, we’ll pull out some maps and start squiggling (and dreaming). :)




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